Topics:  Baby Society Magazine is looking for topics related to children ages newborn to six years old.  We are also interested in maternity topics, parenting tips, breastfeeding, personal stories, activities and advice from family members (Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. are all welcome to contribute) and professionals.

Word Count: Approximately 300-800 words.  Being that we don’t have the restrictions of the print world and are 100% digital, we don’t edit for length.

Submission: Article submissions may be emailed to as a word document, pages document or shared in a Google drive.

Photos: You may submit 1-2 photos with your article.  Any photos submitted with your article must be approved for use in our publication.  We may require written confirmation from the photographer for use of any photos.  If sending photos from a photographer, we give photo credit along with a link to their website.  Please include proper spelling for photo credit and website if needed.  If no photos are included with your article, Baby Society Magazine will use their own photos as needed.

Exclusive Content:  We require all content submitted to be exclusively written for Baby Society Magazine (with few exceptions).  We aren’t interested in content that has been written for another publication, website or blog – including your own.  We don’t publish links to articles on your website or do link insertions (unless used as a reference) in our articles.

Editing:  All articles will be edited for grammar, sentence structure, clarity, tone and content.  The editing decisions are at the sole discretion of Baby Society Magazine editors and will not be shared prior to publishing.

Rights:  Baby Society Magazine seeks first exclusive electronic rights.  We require the right to keep your article available on our website and in our archives. Writers maintain copyright.

Credit: Writers will receive full credit for their contributions.  We offer a link back to your own website or social media for promotion.  You and/or your business will also be tagged when your article is shared on social media.

Bio:  You may provide a photo and a 2-3 sentence bio that will be included at the end of your article.  Your bio can contain a brief description about yourself, a link to your website and contact information.  If you are a business, you may include your logo for inclusion if space permits.

We can’t guarantee that a submitted article will be published.  We don’t offer monetary compensation for articles at this time.

Please see our editorial calendar below for deadlines and issue themes.