5 Tips for Picky Eaters

Picky eaters
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1. Cook with your child: When you cook together it gives kids a chance to be active vs. passive participants in prepping the food they will eat.

2. Grocery shop together: Play a game by letting your child pick any fruit or vegetable they want to taste. Teach them all about it, how and where it grows and then ask all the different ways your child thinks it can be cooked or eaten.

3. Have a child that won’t eat vegetables? Try offering hummus, salad dressing, a favorite dip, sesame seeds in a shaker, a pinch of salt or soy sauce or sprinkle or dip. Not only does it make vegetables taste livelier, but also makes eating an interactive experience.

4. Grow something together. Let your child pick a favorite plant or seed, grow and nurture it together and then use it in a favorite recipe.

5. Create a list of your child’s favorite foods. Highlight the nutritious foods and applaud your child for their positive choices. In general avoid labeling your child a picky eater. You want eating to be a positive experience for all.

Here are a few recipes that are nutritious, a ton of fun and allow picky kids to be creative at the same time.

Happy Eggs

Strawberry Aliens


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