7 Basic Exercises for Mom & Mama-to-Be

Whether you’re planning your future pregnancy and motherhood, are pregnant, or are already a mama, this series of 7 base exercises for Mom helps build a foundation of Strength in Motherhood®:

7 basic exercise for Mom

1.  30 to 60 Minutes of Cardio a Day

Here’s how you want to do it – After 3 minutes, interject a speed walk or a little jog, for 1 minute.  Research has shown that if you include some speed work into your normal cardio exercise, it will increase your muscle strength, increase your cardiovascular activity and burn more fat.

2. Pelvic Rocks

Lay on your back and flatten your back against the floor by tightening your lower abdominal muscles.  Then arch your back forward, creating a space, as you move your pelvis back and forth as much as possible.

3. Squeeze Lift

Lay on your back; squeeze your glutes and your abs together, and lift your hips toward the ceiling and then bring it down.  If this is easy initially, kick it up a notch and do it with one leg.

4. Hand Leg Opposite Lifts

Get on your hands and knees.  Flatten your back, and at the same time, lift one arm and the opposite leg and hold that for five seconds.  Switch sides.

5. Chair Triceps

Sit in a chair.  Slide your bum just off the chair.  Put your hands on the back of the chair, and do some dips, keeping your chest up and your shoulders back.  You’re going to need a lot of arm strength to carry your baby around as he or she grows.  This will help!

6. Squats

These will work your legs, but they’ll also work your abs as much as your legs. Make sure you’re squatting with your head and chest up, sitting back and check your form in a mirror. If experienced, feel free to add weight to up the intensity. Weighted options:

Use your body weight.

Hold a dumbbell.

Hold a medicine (weighted) ball.

7. Prone Superwoman (do not attempt after first trimester)

Lay on the floor on your stomach. Position your arms out in front of you.  With legs straight behind you, lift your arms and legs up simultaneously.  Hold for five seconds and then lower your arms and legs down.

Make it a Routine

These 7 basic exercises for Mom will prepare your body for increasing your workout. They’ll isolate the specific muscles you’re going to need during pregnancy and after your baby is born.  Additionally, these pre-pregnancy exercises will shift your mindset so you make it a ritual and routine and continue doing them after your baby is born.

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