20-Minute At-Home-Friendly Stroller Workout

Our world has changed a lot since early March. We know what it means to “shelter in place” and to practice “social distancing.” For a while, we weren’t sure if we could do anything besides sit in our living rooms. That being said, we also realize more than ever that movement and exercise are crucial to physical and mental health. Our minds and bodies need workouts, no matter the circumstances. So, we created one you can do with your kids in a stroller, while social distancing.

At-Home-Friendly Stroller Workout

The Warm-Up

1. Walk 3-5 Minutes

2. Opposing Arm & Knee Lift

3. Lateral Lunge with Low Reach

4. Standing Cat

The Workout

1. High Knees to Stroller & Butt Kickers away

2. Lat Pulldown & Lateral Lunge with Abduction (Right)

3. Lat Pulldown & Lateral Lunge with Abduction (Left)

4. Front to Reverse Lunge

5. Stationary Squat & Knee Lift w/ Chest Press

The Cool-Down

1. Standing Torso Rotation

2. Figure 4 Stretch to Standing Quadriceps Stretch

3. Wide Forward Full Roll Down & Roll Up

4. Chest Opener & Forward Fold

*Always obtain your physician’s clearance before attempting any fitness program.


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