Best At Home Learning Programs

Students are back in school, but at-home learning and intervention are more necessary than ever. There is an abundance of online programs and apps available that present themselves as educational in nature or learning tools. I have found the Top 6 that my students & children most enjoy.

The following are what I have found to be most effective and beneficial for at-home intervention.


Vooks is an app and website that animates the illustrations in books for toddlers, primary and intermediate children. The site/app has categories that align with the season and are sorted into age-appropriate books. There is a free trial to begin, and then a monthly or yearly subscription option ($4.99/month or $49.99/year).

We love this for our children when we are in waiting rooms, in the car, or as a distraction while other siblings need our attention.


Epic is a website and an app that focuses on literacy and fluency. It has over 40,000 books, audiobooks, and learning videos sorted into categories such as Ages 5 & Under, Cats & Dogs, STEAM, and Award Winners.


Epic offers a Basic Plan with access to one book a day for free. Epic also has monthly and yearly subscriptions ($9.99/ month or $71.99/ year). We love the unique and wide selection of books that this website offers. There is something for everyone!


SplashLearn has Language Arts & Math components: Pre-K through 5th grade (math) and PreK to Grade 2 (ELA). Math and ELA Standards are addressed through interactive learning games and repetition.

The repetition aids in the retention of the concepts, and the games keep the student’s attention while learning.


SplashLearn offers monthly subscriptions ($7.99 to $11.99 per month depending on the chosen plan). There’s also a family plan that allows access for three children. I have used SplashLearn in my classroom and at home with my children.

This program is excellent for targeting children’s needs and academic gaps.

– Best for All Age Entertainment: VOOKS

– Best for Fluency/Literacy: Epic

– Best for Catching Up/Fill in Academic Gaps: SplashLearn

– Best for Math Enrichment: Prodigy

– Best for Supplementing Content: Brain Pop & Brain Pop Jr.

– Best to Expand Background Information: Virtual Field Trips (via YouTube)


Prodigy is an adaptive math platform that mimics a video game with quests and battles. It aligns with grade-level standards.

Families have access to monthly report cards and progress reports based on your child’s progress.

At this point, Prodigy is a math program, but there is a waiting list for the English platform coming soon. Prodigy content is free, but there are subscriptions available to access more content (premium membership is $8.95/month or $59.88/year).


Prodigy is a favorite in my classroom and at home with my children.

BrainPop (Grades 3+) & BrainPop Jr. (Grades K-3)

BrainPop & BrainPop Jr. are short animated educational movies for students in grades K-12. Along with the videos, there are quizzes and correlating materials.


The videos cover a wide range of subjects such as science, social studies, English, math, engineering and technology, health, arts, and music. The content is aligned with classroom content standards. The videos follow Moby (a robot) and Tim as they respond to “viewer” questions.

There are subscriptions for Brain Pop, BrainPop Jr, or a Combo (BrainPop: $129/year, BrainPop Jr: $119/year, Combo: $159/year). Brain Pop is offering 30% off for the first year.

Virtual Field Trips via YouTube

Nevada Science Center – Focus on the Nevada landscape (Valley of Fire, Spring Mountains, Spring Mountains), geology, fossils, and expert chats.

– Kid Explorer – kid-driven content focusing on exploring and discovering (History, Health, Physical Education, Civics) additional content available at

– The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens – Animal profiles with zoologists, veterinarians, and zoo staff

– National Geographic Education – Bring experiences into your home

– Homeschool Pop – Supplemental Learning Videos across all content areas


Written by: Shelley Kress, Award-Winning Las Vegas Teacher

Shelley Kress is in her 17th year teaching. She taught middle school for 9 years before transitioning to elementary school. Shelley has been recognized as a Heart of Education nominee and finalist, received the Feature a Teacher Award in 2017, and was profiled on Teacher Tuesday in 2018. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Middle Education, a Masters of Education Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Certification in TESL education, and is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher. She has been a guest writer on The Educator’s Room and profiled on Love What Matters and resides in Las Vegas, NV with her husband and three young children.

*This article is not a paid or sponsored contribution

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