Covid Slide?

Some parents fear that the remote learning may have created setbacks for their children. We’ll soon find out if that’s true. But in some ways a learning slump is not new. Students have always been challenged with a “Summer Slide” after returning to school in the fall. This year we’ll call it “the COVID Slide.” According to a survey conducted by Varsity Tutors, about 68% of parents are concerned about their children falling behind grade-level expectations as a result of remote learning. Which is why products that continue education from home are more important than ever. Such kits and toys can stimulate hands-on learning which can go a long way in keeping kids on track and prepare them for the school year ahead.

Check out these products your kids can enjoy this summer that combine learning and fun!

Solar-Powered Rovers

Build fun solar-powered vehicles and devices that move using electricity generated directly from sunlight. With this kit, you can construct five motorized models. Build three types of solar cars, a solar fan, and a solar robot model.

-Experiment with solar cell, electric motor, gears and ultralight materials.

-Learn about how solar cells work and about the energy from the sun.

Stick-O City 16pc Set

From Magformers, Stick-O encourages toddlers to explore tactile learning through hands-on magnetic play. Each Stick-O shape contains magnets that rotate so toddlers’ creations always stick together for a frustration-free play experience. Stick-O’s unique 3D shapes contain a magnet pocket, designed so the magnet can find the right magnetic direction to stick to every time.

-Toddlers can build a car, racer, airplane and more with the City 16Pc Set.

-Included in this kit is 1 Sphere, 2 Sticks, 3 Long Stick and magnetic accessories including vehicle wheels, wings, and propellers.

Glow-In-The-Dark Science Lab

Conduct fun and illuminating experiments with glowing substances and neon pigments! Cast your own glowing neon sidewalk chalk in fun shapes like stars, crystals, and frogs. Make flowers that glow in the dark. Mix up a glowing solution to make your own glow sticks. Observe your glowing creations under a UV flashlight (a blacklight).

-Learn about light, phosphorescence, and glowing materials.

-Includes two glowing pigments, UV flashlight, glow-in-the-dark star stickers, plaster for chalk, and tools and instructions.

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