Hiring Virtual Doula Support

No one could predict what is going on in the world right now. No one wants to be by your side, doing what they were hired for, more than your doula. Do some research and enlist a doula for your labor, birth, and postpartum. We’re ready to support you through it all!

Virtual Doula

As every day brings you closer to your due date, anxiety and fear may flood your thoughts. On a normal day. These thoughts can be filled with the unknowns and uncertainties about your birth and postpartum atmosphere. You might be feeling more alone and fearful. Your Doula is still here for you!

We aren’t medical providers, so government officials don’t categorize us as essential, but moms and us know otherwise. So we made an adjustment for the purpose of helping expectant moms who already feel enough anxiety without pandemics all over the news.

To make it easy on everyone, we went to a virtual model of support, which is the next best thing to being face to face when you think about it. Doulas provide emotional, educational, and physical support. While we can’t provide the physical support virtually, the upside is that we can give emotional and educational help over the phone or via video call, as often as you need us, 24/7. It’s convenient and there’s no risk of infection to you, your family, or to us.

What does virtual support look like? Talk with your doula! For virtual labor doula support, your doula can teach your support person how to navigate comfort measures, affirmations, and still bring a calm to the environment. The groans, the moans, the body language can all be deciphered during this call. When it’s time to head to the hospital (or if you’re already in the hospital), your doula will be able to talk you through your questions and decisions. She’s able to provide you affirmations, reassurance, and companionship. She’s still by your side.

What does virtual postpartum support look like? It’s difficult to watch the baby while you sleep, virtually. Instead, your doula will check in with you daily during your contract (and even beyond!). A scheduled FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangouts chat daily, can help you feel connected to the outside world, while Las Vegas is in a “stay at home” order. Multiple check-ins a day, via video, phone, text, can be a great benefit for those lonely moments. Baby crying? Call your doula! Want assistance with a feed? Call your doula! Have a question about XYZ?

Call your doula! Need an emotional pick me up? Call your doula! Chances are, she misses the opportunity to support you in person, too. Allow your doula to still utilize her skills and expertise in your support.

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