How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party

The Couple’s Perspective

First time mom-to-be, Jane Villafuerte was familiar with the growing rend of gender reveal parties and knew she absolutely wanted one to announce her baby’s big news. “The excitement of knowing the gender was building up week after week and waiting was honestly the hardest part but so worth it! Our dear friends who accompanied us to our ultrasound were the only ones who knew the results and picked up confetti cannons in the appropriate color. We asked special friends and family to help us fire the cannons and with a big countdown 4…3…2…1… POP!! The sky was filled with blue confetti and everyone went wild! My fiancé, Coby and I were completely shocked and overcome with so much joy! I looked to my mom and sister who were jumping up and down cheering followed by hugs from everyone around us. It was an incredible moment that I will never forget! We are so incredibly grateful for all the love from our friends and family who helped us create this magical moment!”

Gender Reveal

Coby Sherlock actually resisted the idea of a gender reveal party when he was a dad-to-be. He just wanted to know the gender of his child immediately. In the end, he was so happy he found the patience to wait. “When I arrived at the gender reveal, I had butterflies in my stomach and it felt just like Christmas morning. I honestly couldn’t wait another minute!”

With most of his friends and family in New Orleans and in Nashville where he’s originally from, technology and social media allowed everyone to partake in the celebration. “Being able to connect with everyone from back home for this epic moment made it so special.”

What does it take to put on a Gender Reveal Party?

Family friend and Life Coach Mike Bruley planned an amazing party along with other friends of the couple. They share some fabulous tips for throwing a party that will provide a lifetime of memories.

What is the couple’s vision?

There’s a lot to decipher and ask the parents to be. The first is what they want to remember most about this day. Do you want the memory of the reveal or the connection with friends and family? Most parents will answer they want it all — the gender reveal, the connection with loved ones, and a great time.

This is where I start planning and thinking about the couple. What environment would be most eye appealing for them? How will there guests enjoy themselves and be surprised with the couple? What will pictures look like in 18 years when celebrating this person?

Boy Reveal

Girl Reveal

The time spent planning should also be time spent enjoying the friends who are expecting.

Party List Ideas


Photo Opportunities

Drinks and Food

Theme Ideas

Diaper Cake

He or She?

Beau or Bow?

Pink vs. Blue (football theme)

Little Prince or Little Princess? (blue/pink crowns)

Waddle It Be? (penguins, black, white)

Buck or Doe (woodsy theme)

Little Star Themed Reveal (pink/blue and stars)

Nautical Gender Reveal (message in a bottle)

Reveal Ideas

How can guests feel included in the special day?

Guests wear something to represent the color that reflects if they think it will be a boy or girl. You can take a Secret Ballet Vote. Host a Diaper Raffle by asking each guest to bring diapers for a chance to win a prize.

Ideas on how to reveal the Big Moment!

Confetti cannons

Pop a balloon

Box open up with balloons

Message in a bottle

What’s the proper etiquette for gift ideas?

If they’re planning a baby shower you can get them something little. This is a perfect time to get the couple the little things that may not get purchased for the baby shower. You can save the larger items for the baby shower. Showing up with a little present is always a sweet gesture. Gifts can include pacifiers, diapers, manicure set, plush robe for the Mom & Dad to be or a Spa Basket.

“The guests were overjoyed and covered in confetti as we all counted down to the big moment. A moment that changed the life of this beautiful couple. It was an honor to take part in such a fabulous event that was full of so much love. The happy couple is currently building their Lending Business and family at the same time. What an adventure and what a life!”

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