It’s You Time!

It’s several months into this historical global pandemic. I have a question: When was the last time you checked in on YOU? I hear you. It’s been tough with all of the extra rules and precautions. It’s been draining making the most to enjoy this time as a mom. It’s been overwhelming not having friends and family visiting and creating memories. Parents, especially new parents, listen up! Mental and emotional well-being is more important now than ever before. Our little ones are watching to see how we react to the twists and turns. By taking care of you, you’ll be able to pour positivity into your loved ones — and they’ll know everything is going to be OK. Some of your usual self-care may be out of the question right now, but there are still many things one can do to recharge, reflect, and indulge. Here are a few great ways to indulge in self-care at home.

Just Book It

Besides bingeing on Gilmore Girls, which I may or may not have done, I’ve picked up a book. I used to make the time to read a great novel, series, or biography most nights before turning in. While I enjoy the ease and convenience of my Barnes & Noble Nook, there’s something about breaking the spine on a book, and diving nose first into the wonders, romantics, and truths jumping up from the pages. Scrolling news and social feeds can become a dark hole of negativity. Use that time to take your mind into a new world — not a bad thing about now. One of my favorite Covid-time reads? The Matriarch Rules: How to Own Your Power, Know Your Worth, and Lead the Life You’ve Always Wanted by Randy Patterson.

Catch Those ZZZ’s

I know, I know…it may sound silly but I bet you’ve been going to bed a little later than you normally do. And you’re also probably waking up at your normal time. Plus, just being cooped up makes us lethargic. Maybe you wonder why your body and mind just aren’t responding lately. It’s more important than ever to take time during the day for a power nap, some meditation, an afternoon devotional — or all of the above.

Do this when your little one settles down for a nap or quiet time. Where there’s a will, there’s a way; and it’s a win-win for your home atmosphere.


Walk it Out

It’s a known fact that sunshine and fresh air fuels the soul and lifts the spirit. Taking a nice stroll around the block is a great way to self-care while racking up those steps. Soon the crisp air of Fall will inundate our lungs, making it perfect strolling weather. Pull out the stroller and stroll your little one around with you for some company. Before you know it, you’ll have a happier disposition and your heart will thank you for the healthy jolt.

I Hope You Daaaa-ance

Let go of the worries for a moment and sweat it all out. Dancing boosts adrenaline and and endorphins, which are mood boosters. Break out those dance moves (the more old-school, the better!), crank up the tunes, grab your littles, and let loose. Nothing says “Hakuna Matata” like kicking up your heels to ‘Footloose’, or busting a groove to ‘It’s Raining Tacos.’ There’s no shame in whatever gets your toes tapping and your hips swaying. A living room dance party will put much needed smiles on the entire family’s faces. Play games like ‘freeze dance’ or ‘copycat.’ Create new dance moves and break them out at the next family get together.

Clear Out The Clutter

Believe it or not, decluttering (or deep cleaning) has a way of releasing stress and anxieties. KonMari was a hit for a reason, ya know. When we hold on to things that no longer bring us joy, we are blocking ourselves from receiving positive energies. Better yet, the items you clear out can be donated to many locations around the Valley and given to families in need. Think “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

You see, self-care doesn’t always have to be lavish or defined as a bubble bath, or a massage, a trip to the nail salon, or a weekend getaway. One can find serenity in everyday occurrences, and make the most of it. The important thing to remember is to make self-care a priority daily. Loving yourself daily will naturally enhance your overall mind-body-and-soul. So stand up tall, take a deep BIG breath, and do something that makes you happy today.

Written by: Aisha Fanning

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