Just Jacqui: Active Wear

Is Active wear a current trend?

Absolutely! During this photo shoot, the beautiful photographer Leslie Sullivan and I were talking about how we live in active wear. Yes, they’re for working out and staying put while we’re doing squats or even a downward dog. But as women and mothers, these are the clothes we love to be in while we’re on the floor playing with our kids. Grabbing tea or coffee with one of our besties sharing our hearts and fears. Going to Target and buying all the things. Sunset walks with our family and friends. Long lazy lunches with friends we haven’t seen in awhile. Even running out to console a friend over a glass of wine. These are the clothes that are LIFEwear.


I’ve loved my body at every weight and believe women are beautiful at every size. It so happens that I lost 65 pounds in 2019. I did it with the help of a nutritionist and my husband and son (we go to the gym together). For me, weight loss isn’t about fitting into my skinny jeans. It’s for me. I want to live healthier for myself, my husband and my children. Fitting into smaller sizes is just a bonus. If you ask me for a secret sauce, I say, “Be confident in your own skin.” Once you can do that, your inner goddess shines bright like a diamond.

That’s why I love the business of personal styling. Actually, I don’t think of it as a business in the traditional sense. It isn’t about income or selling as much as it’s about empowering women and helping them achieve their dreams while enjoying every step of the journey. It just so happens that fashion can play a key role in that journey. It’s a big reason why I feel so confident, no matter my measurements.


Appropriately, I’m now helping to launch a new Fit Line for the Savvi Brand. We’re introducing some amazing sports bras that push the girls up and have just enough padding to avoid a faux pas of a wardrobe malfunction. The line also includes pants that suck it all in and still have places to hold your phone, and cozy sweaters for covering up after a workout. The best part: the pieces are available for EVERY woman of EVERY size from XS-4X.

My business is run entirely from my phone and laptop. I get sample pricing and produce income no matter where my adventures lead me. My leader is the top earner in our company and is teaching me. Want to learn too? Just email me for more information!

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