Love is in the Air

Meet Cristina and Brooklyn. This Las Vegas Mom created a blog called A Brooklyn Thing. She shares her passion for photography and fashion with her daughter and the results are right here for everyone to enjoy — in black and white and sometimes in saturated colors.

We have to ask, what inspired you to call your blog “aBrooklynThing?”

It starts with my love for photography, but the blog really took off because of Brooklyn’s passion for dressing up.

Something clicked while she was dressing up?

Pretty much, yes. My original intent was to keep my imagination busy while staying home with Brooklyn. Turns out, she has a strong imagination, too — which is why we call our page “The Little Fashionista Blog.” It’s become much more than I intended. My ultimate goal is to instill in Brooklyn and all readers the confidence that every woman needs.

You’ve called your blog “a journey.” Tell us what you mean.

I start each post with, “Hi, dear darlings, and welcome back.” It sets a tone for a fashion adventure, which usually includes experiments and matching mommy-daughter styles. We share the journey through photography.

What’s your fashion background?

That’s what makes this unique. My expertise is photography, not necessarily fashion. We’re simply sharing our passion for cute outfits, matching styles, and funny stories. Mostly, it’s about doing something creative together and empowering young girls starting at a very young age. That’s why I close the blog with,

“XOXO, a Brooklyn Thing!”



It might still be cold outside, but love is already in the air.

Valentines Day is about chocolate, champagne, red roses … and love. For Brooklyn and I, it’s a great time to express love through fashion.

Yes, that’s really Paris … the local one, on the Vegas Strip. To fit the theme, we decided to wear red berets and striped shirts in front of the Eiffel Tower. Some creative photo editing allowed me to play up the red highlights, pink motifs, and glitter.

After taking these shots, we had a grand French time with delicious croissants and hot chocolate.

The next love moment had to be “fluffy.” I knew it from the moment I saw the pink furry skirt for Brooklyn. The outfit had to be light, yet stylish like a pink and soft marshmallow. The choice of place is one of our favorites – Cafe Lola!  As sweet and comforting as it gets!

And then we became more daring. We went for the LOVE installment, at the Palazzo, full of red color and lots of hearts!



Photography: Cristina Ghilan & Carlos Manzo

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