Meet Kumei

A local, 11 year-old entrepreneur, who organized the Kids Against Racism Rally. Making sure the voices of kids are heard. Loud and proud.

We asked Kumei about what it’s like to organize an event and be called a local entrepreneur.


Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Kumei, I’m 11 and I was born in Hawaii. Other than making tees and working at markets,

I like to play with slime. FALab Slime is another local kid owned business that I really love. I am a “Future Maker” which is a group of kid entrepreneurs from Ferguson’s Downtown that works together and supports each other.

You created the Kids Against Racism Rally. Why did you think it was important for kids to have a voice in the Las Vegas Community during this monumental and important Black Lives Matter movement?

I’ve been seeing what’s happening in our country and I’ve become more sad and upset, which made me think of how other kids might be feeling. I wanted a way to have our voices heard. It is OUR future, so we should know now what’s happening and be able to help shape our future.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter



Photos Courtesy of Joy Hoover

What kind of work went into organizing the rally?

We had to find a safe place to meet. Spread the word on social media, find volunteers and get supplies. Supplies included sign making items like old boxes, crayons, markers, pens, we also bought snacks and water. A lot was donated, we even had masks donated for anyone who needed them. Most importantly I had to post (a lot) about how this was a kids event and that it NEEDED to stay peaceful.

How did you feel during and after the rally?

During the Rally I felt shocked that so many people came, which made me nervous. After a while I felt excited. After the Rally I felt accomplished and proud. There were a lot people coming up to me asking for pictures, wanting to talk and saying thank you. Adults & kids!

You are also an entrepreneur!  Can you tell us about your t-shirt business and what motivated you to start making tees?

I started making tees because I found something funny I had written down in an old notebook – “Why Are Peepl So Sensitiv?”

I decided to turn that into a business because people really liked what I was doing. I really got my businesses going at Market In The Alley, and really loved it so much. So I kept doing it. I have funny, but meaningful shirts like “I love unicorns, slime & equality” and “Lil Feminist”. Tofu Tees is a part of who I am.

I’m also mailing free Black Lives Matter Wish bracelets to anyone who wants them through my website.

Tofu Tees Instagram Photo: @tofutees

We spoke with Joy Hoover, whose family was in attendance, about their experience at the event.

Kumei, an 11 year old incredible activist led us in sign making and a peaceful protest today. She expected 50 people to show up and there were literally hundreds of kids and families of all races marching together against racism.

This is my favorite ‘Sunday kids church’ experience we’ve ever had. The kids are better than alright friends, they’re changing the world!

Thank you for showing my girls how powerful kids are and to your mama for raising you with passion and for standing right next to you today!


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