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Tips for getting picture-perfect photos

The first few days of a baby’s life are so precious. Being able to freeze those moments for parents is such an honor for Las Vegas Newborn Photographer, Chloe Atnip. She is known for her breathtaking photographs of perfectly posed babies, captured for you to remember for years to come. We sat down with Chloe and asked some questions about when to schedule a newborn session, what to expect and how parents can help to prepare for a successful session.

When is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

It is best to do the newborn session when baby is between 6-21 days old. I highly recommend scheduling a tentative date at least 6-8 weeks BEFORE your due date. This guarantees availability for your baby when he or she arrives. To ensure priority in the Schedule, most clients will secure their photo shoot with a deposit and will reach out to me once their baby has arrived. I also find that it is best to schedule a session in the morning as babies tend to be the most cooperative during this time.

My favorite time to photograph a baby is between 6-10 days old. We’ve had successful photo shoots up to a month old, but when a baby is older it’s more difficult to settle him or her into the sleepy creative poses that you see on my website. A session typically takes about 2 hours. If a baby is fussy, it can take about 3 hours.

How can parents prepare baby for the session?

It’s important to interact and keep baby awake for 1-2 hours before the session to ensure baby is nice and sleepy when they are at the studio. A helpful hint to keep baby awake is to give baby a bath or a sponge bath in the morning before the session. Dress baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid any lines on the skin, a simple sleeper will be best. When you arrive to the studio please bring baby in car seat. I will then take baby out of car seat to get him or her prepared. I usually don’t need much assistance during the session so parents can take this time to sit back and relax.

As for feeding, I highly recommend feeding baby right before a photo session and a little more than normal in the 12 hours preceding the session. Be prepared to feed — either bottle or breastfeeding — should baby get fussy and/or hungry in the middle of the session. If nursing, try to stay away from spicy foods 24 hours prior to your session.

It’s also helpful to bring extra diapers and a pacifier. Even if your baby does not take a pacifier, it’s recommended to bring one just in case. The studio is kept quite warm to keep your little one cozy so I recommend that parents dress accordingly to stay cool.

The studio is sanitized and clean for each client. Props and accessories are washed and cleaned after every shoot. Safety is my top priority when handling your baby. I’ve been professionally trained and have 10 years of experience posing/photographing newborn babies.

Does the session include parents and siblings?

Absolutely! If mom, dad, partners or siblings would like to be in some of the photographs please let me know prior to the session. I prefer to do these combinations at the beginning of the session so that the spouse or partner can take the younger siblings home or out for something fun to do while we continue with the individual newborn photos.

What should the family wear?

Clients regularly ask what to wear and I suggest light colors such as white, ivory, cream and soft pastels. If you prefer dark colors I suggest classic black or navy. For children, I suggest tops with jeans and/or dresses for girls. Bright colors, busy patterns and pinstripes are usually not the best to wear.

Newborn Photography Las Vegas

Do you provide the props and baby wear?

Yes! In the studio I have a large assortment of props, blankets, headbands, bonnets, hats, and outfits for both boys and girls. You are also welcomed to bring any special items that you would like photographed with your baby. I tend to gravitate to colors such as beige, white, cream, heather grey, soft pinks, blues, and lavenders, although if you have any special requests please let me know before the session.

How do you deliver the photos and do you offer products?

A majority of my clients are interested in purchasing the digital photos. I offer digital packages as well as packages that include products, such as albums, custom frames and acrylic wall art. Most of my clients will choose a package that includes the 8×8 or 10×10 album with 25 edited digital photos or the 20×20 custom collage frame featuring (9) of the best photos from the session. All these products have been selected from some of the top photography vendors around the world. These products are definitely a must see in the studio. I also hand edit each and every photo that is purchased. My motto is quality over quantity. I want you to have the most beautiful images to display around your home to share with family and friends for years to come.

Newborn Photography Las Vegas

Do you offer milestone packages that include: maternity, newborn, 3-4 month, 6-9 month and 1st Birthday?

Yes, this is a custom package that I put together for clients who are interested in having me document their babies 1st year. This is an exciting project to work on with a client. I love the relationship that I build with the baby and parents throughout the year. It’s also helpful as the baby becomes more comfortable with me during each session and by the time the 1st Birthday comes around…we get the most amazing photos.


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