Our 5 Favorite Gifts for Nursing Moms

‘Tis the season for giving, and who better to deserve a thoughtful gift than a new mom, right? Before becoming parents ourselves, we didn’t understand the dedication and selflessness that comes along with being a mom. With the world in its current state, putting extra attention on momma this year; is something well deserved! We have put together our must-have 5 gifts for the new or breast/chestfeeding parent. Some are aimed to help her life be easier, and some are to lessen stress and reinforce the need for self-care. We all know, you can’t pour from an empty cup. The great thing about any of these gifts is you can spend a little money or go extravagant- but they are all focused around the person who is usually taking the focus away from them, and focusing on everyone else. Enjoy this holiday season with your family!

1. Self Care Gift Certificates

In our practice, the number one issue we see is that there is not enough self-care to go around. Moms often think of everyone but themselves. Getting a massage, facial, nail salon gift card – you can’t go wrong with it. If you want to target it specifically to a nursing parent, there are Lymphatic Breast Massage facilities where the therapists are specifically trained to do a special type of breast massage, which can help with stubborn breast congestion/plugged ducts, and even in some cases, help increase milk production (although usually not alone).

2. Breast Milk Jewelry

Sounds unique, right? Well, it is!  There are varying price points that you can go with, from expensive to more affordable. This will help commemorate a precious journey that comes and goes before you know it. No matter how long the journey was, they can always have a keepsake to remember with. This will take mom’s cooperation in order to get the milk and send it, but even a gift certificate to one of the companies can help her to pick out that special gift!

3. Family Photoshoot

Gift Certificates for a mom/baby or family photoshoot and printing services are great. What better gift could a mom get than to have a forever keepsake, as well as to pass on forever. If Mom is breastfeeding, many photographers do specific photoshoots with the breastfeeding couplet … milk baths, or out in nature- whatever the scene that fits the personality of each specific Mom.

4. Food/Wine or Coffee Gift Baskets

Seriously, these are staples in most modern-day lives and you can tailor what is in them to whom you are gifting them to. If you know a breastfeeding mom, they are usually always eating- making milk, makes you hungry! Coffee and wine are a no-brainer for some parents, and there are various ways you can cater these items to fit what that special someone likes.

5. Coupons for Free Time

Don’t want to spend money? Give the Mom in your life some thoughtful coupons that give her time to herself. Date night, pick up and drop off from school for a day, or even just for some time away without children or family members can be a way to re-energize that parent in your life that could use some time to themselves.


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