Summer Baby

There’s certainly no shortage of organized activities during the summer months. Unfortunately, new moms are often disappointed to discover that some of these events exclusively cater to walkers and talkers. Babies also can’t withstand as much time in direct sunlight as older children. Sunscreen isn’t recommended for infants younger than six months old, so shade and hats must be used to protect young babies. Beating the heat with an infant by your side takes some creativity. Here’s a list of mom-approved, baby-friendly summer activities to get you both out of the house and enjoying the sunshine.

Get Outta Town!

Summer months in Vegas can be brutal: making it the perfect time to make plans out of town. Are you itching to lounge in the sand, but worried about having your baby out in the sun for too long? Go to the beach right after baby’s early morning feeding. Take your coffee. A beach walk with your little one at sunrise is unforgettable. It’s also quieter, prettier, and cooler — perfect for a morning nap under the beach umbrella.


Farmer’s Market

Las Vegas has plenty of farmer’s markets throughout the valley. Stroll the farmer’s market. Your baby is sure to love all the different sights, sounds, and tastes. As a bonus, you’ll get some grown-up conversation with the farmers who are usually thrilled to chat with customers.

Library Time

Relax at a summer storytime. Pick up a storytime schedule at your local library, and drop in on one when you want to get out of the house, but don’t want to forgo air conditioning. Even very young babies enjoy the company of other children and hearing the soothing voices of storytellers.

Backyard Fun

Make your backyard an activity. If you feel like splurging, get playground equipment, kiddie pools, and sandboxes. Make your backyard just as fun as the park, with the added benefit of being able to come and go as you please. Frequent cool-down breaks inside are important on very hot days.


A more budget-friendly option is to get creative with sprinklers, toys, and bubbles. Sometimes simple things like boxes and push-walkers become fun in a whole new way for babies once they are brought outside.


Network with other moms. Seek out a local playgroup. Even if you aren’t a full-time stay at home mom, most playgroups offer “summer only” memberships to teachers and moms on temporary maternity leave. When you’re around a large group of fellow moms, you’re bound to meet others who have young babies. You may even be able to get in on a childcare exchange, giving you a little bit of time for a pedicure or a solo walk.


Pool Time

Cool down at the pool. Get a shaded float for your baby to lounge around in. If you don’t have your own pool, check with your local public pool or YMCA to see if they offer baby swim classes. These classes can be a great opportunity to enjoy water play with your baby without any older children around who may splash or make a lot of noise. It’s never too early to start developing your child’s swim skills!

Summer is a great time to bond with your little one. Enjoy lazy days and cuddling while you can, because next year you will be chasing a toddler and the season will be gone before you even realized it started!

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