Tips to Soothe Your Teething Baby

The teething period can be a difficult time for both baby and parent. The process can start when the child is just three months and go on for what feels like forever. Here are some ways that you can make this stage in your child’s life a little easier.


Freeze Your Baby’s Toys

Freezing the toys that your child has been known to gnaw on is an easy way to soothe a baby’s aching gums. The chill will help with swelling and leave your child with a cooling, numbing feeling.

Give Your Baby a Warm Bath

If your baby seems caught in the throws of teething, a warm and cozy bath might be just the solution. The warm water can help distract from the painful teething and work to comfort your baby just when they need it the most.

Teething Jewelry

Chewable jewelry has become very popular in aiding with the hassle of teething. They can either be worn around the mother’s neck for snuggling or around the baby’s neck for ease of grasping. If necessary, the jewelry can even be cooled for added comfort.

Teething Gloves

A good teething glove can be worn on your baby’s hand. The glove has a toy attached to the end so that your baby will have to look no further than their fingers for teething relief. Teething gloves have been successful with babies who can’t reach toys without parental assistance.

Rub Your Baby’s Gums

Often the best ways to soothe your baby’s discomfort is also one of the simplest ones. A clean finger or a moistened gauze can be used to gently rub the gums and help lessen your child’s pain.

Keep Drool at Bay

Even though excessive drooling is a symptom of teething, your baby doesn’t need irritated skin on top of irritated gums. Keep a cloth close to you and dry the excess drool whenever you get the chance. Doing so will help your child avoid skin irritation from the added moisture.

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