UnitedHealthcare Health Plan of Nevada Commits Funding to Help Expand Nevada’s Doula Workforce in 2023

By: United Healthcare of Nevada

The United States fares worse in preventing pregnancy-related deaths than most other developed nations. In Nevada, pregnant women and new mothers face similar challenges: severe maternal mortality in the state rose 29% in recent years (according to UnitedHealth Foundation’s 2022 America’s Health Rankings Report)

In 2022, one of Nevada’s key recommendations to reverse this trend included ensuring the widespread use of doulas. A doula is a professional childbirth assistant who also provides personalized care, education, and emotional support. This certified professional attends to a pregnant mother’s needs throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

UnitedHealthcare Health Plan of Nevada created its Medicaid Doula Program in partnership with Vegas Family Doulas to support women of color, fill a current gap in care, and ensure these women are not just surviving but thriving in their pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum. After a year and a half collaboration, there are many success stories to be told.

UnitedHealthcare Health Plan of Nevada is announcing a $10,000 donation to Vegas Family Doulas to institute a scholarship assistance program that will fund training and state certification for approximately a dozen new doulas in the Las Vegas area. In the short and long term, this initiative could help our community see a decrease in cesarean sections, decrease the number of low birth weight infants, and achieve an overall lower cost of care. Learn more about the program here: Nevada doula program helps support women of color through pregnancy | UnitedHealthcare (uhc.com)

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