Green Space in Your Desert Home

Summer is synonymous with freedom, fun, and family time. But it can also be a challenge for parents to entertain our children day after day. When I first moved to Las Vegas, I noticed that desert and rock landscaping is standard for most yards. But I also saw it as wasted entertainment space. Several families saw it the same way, so they creatively transformed their little deserts into green spaces with artificial turf. This is what we learned about it.

Green Space

Top Benefit of Turf

The top benefit of turf in a yard with young children is having a place to run and to play on. The cleanliness and feel make for an amazing soft picnic area right in your own backyard, instead of dusty, uneven rocky terrain.

One family picked a plush turf that was still within a reasonable price — easy on the knees and on the budget. Keep in mind that you’ll want your turf to be durable for a certain number of years. Consider how much foot traffic it will endure from kids and pets. Most artificial turf has holes every six inches that drains like regular grass. Some turf of higher quality maintains coolness and softness for us to walk on without footwear.

Homeowners Realized a Few Things

After installation, homeowners realized a few things from their experience that they never thought of beforehand. Be aware of neighboring trees and flowers that litter the yard. Think about the size of the area, do you need it bigger or smaller? Should you section off an area for dogs?

Things to do in the turf you couldn’t do on the rocks include sunbathing after swimming, running barefoot, playing in a splash pad, kicking a soccer ball, installing a playground or trampoline. A newly turfed yard can be fun to play mini golf too! Overall, the families we spoke to felt turf was a good investment for their family and use their green space daily.

Written by: Yvonne Kai / Tiny Hikes + Adventures Founder

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