How to Create the Ultimate Baby Book

As a new parent, you’re experiencing moments that you never imagined — and that you never want to end or forget. But you may be surprised how quickly the memories of this treasured time start to fade. Chances are you’ll be recording your baby’s early life with your camera and cell phone, but it won’t take long before you’ll have so many pictures and videos that they all blend together. This is why it’s always a good idea to keep the standout memories, milestones, and souvenirs in a special place. You can buy ready-made baby books, albums, or use an e-book. Here are a few suggestions to make it easy.

Pictures of Your Baby with Friends and Relatives

Take pictures of your baby with each of your closest friends and relatives, perhaps at different stages through the first year. And don’t forget to include yourself! As parents, we often shy away or are always the ones taking the photos. Include photos in different situations, such as holding your newborn in their blanket, rocking them in their cradle, bath time, and guiding their first steps. Add a little comment to each captured moment.

Cards and Gifts

Keep records of cards, messages, and gifts received at the birth of your baby. Some will be more precious than others so perhaps photograph your favorites separately, with individual titles and captions. Other cards and gifts could be photographed as a collection, or just noted down in a neat list. Comments could be photographed or copied out and placed around a picture of your baby if you have the time and inclination for this degree of artwork.

Baby Book

Pictures of the Nursery

In the years ahead, your baby’s nursery will gradually change its character, becoming a child’s bedroom, and eventually, a teenager’s hideaway, so your memories of its present look are sure to fade. But a photo sequence of your specially prepared room, with its baby-style furnishings and decor, will preserve it forever. Perhaps include pictures of your baby’s clothes, toys, and other cute accessories, too.

Physical Features and Developments

Many parents like to keep a record of their baby’s rising weight and clothes size as they grow, as well as other developing features, such as changing eye color, hair tone and teething stages. You may like to add details of other developments, too, like the date of their first smile, their first sit-up and their first time up on their feet. Perhaps also record their first laugh and wave, and other developmental landmarks.

First Babbles, Words and Phrases

Jot down or video-record your baby’s first attempts at speech, and keep recording through the magical process of learning to talk. They’re sure to say some comical words and expressions along the way, which you can enjoy again later this way.


Take it a step further and save those special items. Items from birth, clothing, shoes, favorite toy … anything that stands out as significant as your little one grows.

Thoughts and Feelings

If you like putting pen to paper, jot down passing thoughts about your baby, and your feelings as their parent. Don’t be afraid to record difficult moments as well as perfect ones. Caring for your baby may prove one of the biggest challenges of your life, and your comments will help you recall the whole, unique experience.

With your record book in hand, you can track the whole, beautiful story of your baby’s first year. In years to come, when your son or daughter is grown up, they’ll love looking back through the pages with you.

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