Healthy Fall Recipes

You won’t believe how easy they are!

Paleo Pumpkin Pancake

Breakfast, snack or as a dessert, these paleo pumpkin pancakes will leave you satisfied and feeling you had a delectable treat, with their nutty, sweet and savory flavors! Each pancake is fueled with high-protein, healthy fats and ideal carbs to give you the focused energy you need to achieve your goals each day!


• 1 Egg

• 1/4 cup Almond butter

• 3 tbsp Pumpkin (canned)

• 1 tbsp Cinnamon

• 1 pinch Sea salt

• Coconut oil (or grass-fed butter for the pan)

Top with Stevia or Ghee if desired


•  Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix well until you have a pancake batter. Add coconut oil or butter to a pan and cook pancakes until brown on each side.

•  Dress these babies up with some grass-fed butter and organic maple syrup, and you’ll forget conventional flour and sugar pancakes ever existed!

•  That’s it! Now it’s time to throw a fall-themed paleo brunch and impress everyone you know with your mad paleo pumpkin pancake skills.

Skin Glowing Greens Smoothie

Serves 2-4 people


•  1 ½ cups water

•  1 head of organic romaine lettuce, chopped

•  ½ large bunch or ¾ small bunch of organic spinach

•  3-4 organic celery stalks, chopped

•  1 organic apple, cored and chopped

•  1 organic pear cored and chopped

•  1 organic banana


Add water, romaine lettuce and spinach to the blender and mix on a low speed until smooth. Gradually moving to higher speeds, add celery, apple and pear. Add the banana last with lemon juice and blend until smooth.

From: Melissa Kathryn


Garlic Grilled Salmon



Marinate the salmon with 1/2 of a clove along with chopped garlic and muddled fresh thyme for 4 hours. The longer you marinate the more the flavor is locked in. Grill salmon filet, per directions for size and weight. Once complete, garnish with a dash of black pepper and lemon. Simple, healthy, and tasty!

From Dr. Olivia Audrey (Dr. Liv)


Mama Didn’t Have Time to Cook

Serves 2


Photo by Sari M Bailey Momma Didn’t Have Time to Cook! Video Recipe For more recipes visit


•  1 ½ cups cooked rice (quinoa, potato, or pasta)

•  2 cooked chicken breasts, sliced or cubed (or shrimp or steak)

•  1/4 cup Diablo Verde Creamy Cilantro Sauce


•  Cook your ingredients ahead of time

•  Place rice and chicken in a microwave-safe bowl

•  Top with Diablo Verde

•  Heat 1-2 minutes in microwave

•  Enjoy!

Serving Idea:

Serve with a side salad topped with Diablo Verde as a salad dressing.

From: 3SonsFoods


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