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Adoption Agency Unveils New Brand to Best Serve Clients in Southern Nevada

We see the smiling parents and happy kids. The emotions are real. But what we don’t see is the journey to arrive at the celebration. The truth is, everything about adoption can be complex. And that’s where Loving Hearts Adoption Services enters the picture – from start to finish, with numerous resources and support from compassionate staff.

The name “Loving Hearts” launched this year, but the organization is built on nearly a century of experience. It has facilitated thousands of adoptions under its former identity, Catholic Charities Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Adoption Services. The divergence from the broader organization represents a new era in how the organization intends to offer its resources, channeling focus under a refreshed brand in order to best serve all members of the adoption triad: birth families & parents, adoptive parents and adoptees.

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“Under our new name, we feel we’ll be able to harness focus, attract more individuals and have the freedom to operate on a higher level for those interested in entering the adoption process,” said Albert Chavez, Vice President of Social Services, Loving Hearts Adoption Services. “We look forward to embarking on this new path as we continue to foster the lifelong journey of adoption with caring families in Southern Nevada.”


Loving Hearts offers an array of adoptive services including assistance for: open, semi-open or closed adoptions for babies; living and medical assistance for birthparents; counseling and support groups; lifelong support to all clients; reunification procedures; and additional referrals and resources as applicable.

Those who are pregnant and curious about adoptive services or interested in adopting can get in touch with Loving Hearts by calling 702.385.3351 or visiting

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Loving Hearts Adoption Services is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and accredited adoption agency in Southern Nevada. Through assistance in adoption planning, living and medical assistance for birthparents, confidential services, compassionate counseling, support groups and other resources, Loving Hearts supports all members of the adoption triad, empowering birth families & parents, adoptive parents and adoptees through the lifelong journey of adoption. For more information, visit
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