Special Needs Mama: A Little Look at My Life with Lennon

To say the last few months have been a challenge would be an understatement. I think it’s safe to say that each and every one of us had to alter something about our daily lives. And honestly, some of the changes I had to make were welcome – working from home, saving all that gas money because there was nowhere to go, getting to see my son more. And then there were the not so welcome changes – like Lennon, my son, losing ALL of his therapy services temporarily and even worse than that was dealing with telehealth when they started to return.

Telehealth for us was three 30-minute sessions a day, every day. I ran his ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) programming and his RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) watched us on camera. It was a challenge for both Lennon and myself.

For Lennon, the changes in services resulted in the arrival of some unwelcome behaviors. That includes lots of biting and pinching, something he rarely did before March. Unfortunately for me, I seem to be his primary target. He seems blissfully unaware that this behavior is quite painful for me and we are working on adding strategies to his therapy to deter it. Nothing is working as of yet. On the other hand, he has made some amazing progress with his sounds. He can sound out about five letters in the alphabet: E, G, O, Y, and by far his favorite – J.

Due to COVID-19 we aren’t ready to go out in most public settings, but have started researching activities outside the home that Lennon can participate in safely. We took a trip to the Neon Museum so that Lennon could enjoy the lights, we played with construction equipment at Dig This, Lennon was introduced to horses at Exploring Horses LV, we did a private screening of “Despicable Me” with some close friends at Cinemark Santa Fe, but the absolute highlight for Lennon was a private pod on the High Roller.





We’ve also been spending quite a bit of time in the pool with our close circle of friends, watching the closing credits to his favorite cartoons on repeat, eating pizza and donuts, and keeping all the companies that produce bubble solution in business – Lennon just can’t get enough!


Hopefully soon we’ll feel comfortable enough for Lennon to rejoin some of his other activities and social groups, but as a family we’re just taking it one day at a time. Kenny (Dad) is itching to get back to the casinos for poker and last week I went to a craft store for the first time since February. While we aren’t formally schooling Lennon this year, I can’t help but feel for all my fellow special needs parents out there trying to make sense of a virtual learning environment. I hope that your schools are supporting you and your children and providing you with the time and resources you need.

My Mask Hack

Has anyone else found it a complete challenge to bring their special needs child anywhere during all this COVID-19 craziness? No matter how soft, cute, stylish, or comfortable a mask is – Lennon will not wear one. What are my options if I have to take him somewhere with me?


It was the perfect solution. He gets to lounge in his stroller and play on the tablet while mommy gets stuff done.


Resources to Check Out:

LV Special Needs Resource & Meetup

This family friendly Facebook group is geared towards resources, event listings, and meetups for parents and kids to be able to connect with one another.

Wally Wombats

This sensory friendly indoor playground is geared for children ages 1-10. They ahve a special toddler play area, a cafe, and even offer therapy services on-site through Spot 4 Tots.

Aquatic Life

At Aquatic Life they specialize in private swim lessons for people with autism and other disabilities. they currently have two locations, one in Centennial and another in Henderson.

Have a resource you think we should check out? Send me a message on Instagram and let me know!

Product Highlight

These two products are great tools to have for children who have a difficult time sitting still. They allow people to maintain continuous movement while sitting comfortably.

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