Understanding Fertility: First Steps to Conception

For persons who experience trouble with achieving pregnancy, modern technology can help make dreams of having a baby come true. At Nevada Fertility Institute, patients are given a wide range of choices, which when coupled with proven medical expertise, can guide you towards the journey of creating life.

Understanding fertilization and the various factors affecting it can help you make wiser decisions. But there are other hidden factors at the root of difficulties with conceiving. More important, there are solutions. Dr. Cindy Duke uses the mnemonic B.A.B.Y. to remind us of four tips that can help you achieve your dream goal of having a baby. They’re also a reminder that the idea of conception, while challenging, is not usually impossible.


Believe It Will Happen

Feeling frustrated that you did not conceive on your first or tenth try is natural. However, the basis of the hope for success means that as a person who is trying, the human psyche leads you to believe that it must work. This belief can then lead to a serious emotional letdown when the pregnancy test is negative. Over time, it can result in a sense of apathy taking over as a coping mechanism. This is where it becomes really hard to maintain a positive outlook or persona.

Therefore, I like to stress that while infertility is a disease, learning to manage stress early on in the journey is a necessary and important step. While stress by itself is not believed to cause infertility, we know that stress can lead to changes in the hormone cortisol and that can, in turn, interfere with the hormones responsible for orchestrating the processes that can help make pregnancy happen. Find ways to maintain inner peace through activities like meditation, journaling, yoga, painting, dancing, or playing music.

Asking for Professional Help

Having the mindset, might not be enough, especially if you have underlying health conditions. Seeking out professional help early can spare you a lot of stress and anxiety. You should also consider seeing a recommended medical professional who specializes in fertility issues. Look for a specialist who can combine the latest in technology with genuine individual care, so you’re assured that your goals of achieving pregnancy are as personal to them as the goals are to you.

Be Honest

Your medical professional might have difficulty diagnosing the best plan if you’re not entirely honest about your health history. Following the medications and treatments that were recommended by your doctor also makes a positive difference for you as it allows them to assess if they’re truly working or not. Build up confidence with your fertility specialist because they only want the best for you.

Yes to Modern Technology

Modern fertility techniques are excellent options for persons who are experiencing difficulty while trying to conceive. Thanks to the many advances in modern techniques which are now available to us, medicine can respond to your modern healthcare needs with options which are as straightforward as ovulation induction to IUI, IVF or gestational carriers (surrogates).

Dr. Cindy M. Duke, MD, PhD, FACOG is a Johns Hopkins & Yale trained Fertility Specialist, Virologist, Blogger, Influencer & Clinical Assistant Professor. She is the founding physician, medical director & Laboratory director of the Nevada Fertility Institute located at 8530 W. Sunset Road, Suite 310 Las Vegas, NV 89113 info@drcindyduke.com


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